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As a premier manufacturer of advanced aeration equipment and biological wastewater treatment solutions, SSI Aeration Inc. offers products, design services and technologies that are fully adaptable to an organization’s unique needs. Using patented membrane science, we provide better performance results, longer operational life cycles and an evolving approach to solving the challenges with meeting environmental regulations.

Industries We Serve

We’re equipped to partner with a variety of organizations across the globe and integrate with their plant environments. See what fields SSI has experience with below and reach out to discuss how we could introduce our innovations to your wastewater processing.

Chemical – The pollutants resulting from chemical manufacturing vary significantly based on the application, whether that concerns metals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, or synthetic and organic compounds. SSI can design and supply an industrial aeration solution for projects big and small.

Food and Beverage – Food processing plants have some of the most complex influent compositions, most of which are of biodegradable material. In many circumstances, there are high levels of suspended solids and BOD, plus fluctuations of organic matter, all of which SSI aeration systems can readily handle. For plants that generate high amounts of fat, oil and grease (FOG), such as meat processing facilities, SSI Aeration offers PTFE coated membranes that are engineered to resist surface fouling and clogging.

Dairy plants, carbonated beverage manufacturers and other bottling facilities shift high volumes of water, especially for cleaning and sanitation purposes. SSI Aeration has treatment solutions for sugars, fats, proteins and other organic byproducts of beverage production. We help beverage industry plants lower the organic load, reduce wastewater surcharges and recycle as much water as possible for the benefit of the environment.

Petroleum and Oil Refineries – SSI Aeration provides treatment solutions for refining companies, with wastewater used for heat transfer, equipment washing and the production of hydrogen. As efficiency and uptime are paramount in the oil industry, SSI manufactures robust components that include PTFE treatments to stand up to high-heat applications.

Textile – The textile industry’s varied waste products include dyes, FOGs and bleaches. SSI’s moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) systems are particularly effective for textile production, reducing the space required for tanks while preserving high efficiency in removing these many contaminants.

Packaging – High BOD and chemical oxygen demand (COD) are hallmarks of the packaging industry’s wastewater. SSI integrates optimized solutions for treating byproducts such as sediments, adhesives and ink from cardboard and plastic.

Paper & Pulp – Effluent from paper and pulp mills contains considerable amounts of suspended solids and BOD contaminants, including chlorinated organic compounds, wood fibers, bleaching agents and resins. Our experts can provide a streamlined approach to any goal, whether it be wastewater neutrality or water conservation.

Government Quality – For municipal wastewater plants, safe discharge of treated water is the goal, and SSI’s equipment allows these organizations to meet the most stringent guidelines at the local level. Our systems tackle many chemical contaminants, like heavy metals, fertilizers and biowaste.

Worldwide Solutions

Serving all 50 U.S. states and over 70 countries, SSI Aeration has a global network of support staff, service team members and distributors to provide exceptional service, regardless of the project phase. Contact us to learn more about increasing industrial wastewater treatment efficiency through SSI Aeration’s tailored solutions and technology.