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There can be high costs to inadequate planning for new wastewater treatment systems, including delays, costly retrofits and an impacted relationship with regulators and community members. Improper startup services can also result in difficulties with system performance and make new systems harder to maintain.

All this means that working with experienced professionals to set things up the right way is critical to ensuring the success of a new wastewater treatment system. SSI Aeration is capable of providing startup and commissioning services for your plant around the globe. Our technicians will inspect your aeration system and are also available for troubleshooting or necessary repair work.

SSI’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Startup and Commissioning Process

SSI Aeration provides world-class startup and commissioning services. The SSI team can help walk any facility owner through plant startup procedures and install and launch new wastewater treatment systems. SSI’s field service staff are highly trained — some are registered Professional Engineers — and have worked on-site at hundreds of wastewater treatment facilities. They’re also not afraid to get dirty in the installation process, inspecting equipment and running the necessary tests to catch any potential problems or issues with current system installations.

SSI Aeration begins its startup and commissioning process by reviewing the wastewater treatment plant startup and commissioning process with facility owners and contractors. During this phase, staff will make sure that every party involved in the startup understands the scope of the new work as well as what components and systems will be installed or replaced.

Then, SSI’s staff will inspect existing tanks and aeration systems equipment for potential problems or necessary repair work. They will work to ensure that all equipment is properly installed and pre-existing systems are ready, so treatment operations can proceed as smoothly as possible once the startup process wraps up.

We offer experienced staff for commissioning and training services that will:

  • Work on a variety of systems with a range of different materials and devices. Some of the installation services SSI provides include membrane retrofits and replacements, ceramic to membrane retrofitting, part replacement and diffuser installation.
  • Quickly install tube and disc diffusers for a wide range of applications. They can also work with a variety of membrane materials, such as EPDM, PTFE and many others engineered for wastewater aeration.
  • Outfit a facility’s new diffusers with high-quality SSI Aeration membranes, which have been demonstrated to outperform our competition in many pilot studies.
  • Take the steps necessary to ensure that contractors and facility staff have the training they need to successfully install new parts and keep the startup and commissioning process running efficiently.
  • Provide installation and maintenance training for facility staff to help ensure that the system will continue to run as smoothly as possible and ensure worry-free performance into the future.
  • Give facilities the right technology and wastewater treatment systems to make plant maintenance easy — including advanced and easy-to-use maintenance software to help client facilities plan and maintain effective wastewater treatment systems.

Process Plant Commissioning Services

SSI Aeration is a wastewater treatment commissioning company with decades of experience. SSI can provide startup and commissioning services for plants around the globe, and trained technicians will inspect aeration systems, provide troubleshooting services or complete necessary repair work. SSI also offers experienced staff for commissioning and training services.

Companies that need startup and commissioning services can contact SSI today for more information.

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