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Wastewater Treatment System Installers

As a company that installs aeration systems in addition to selling diffusers and membranes, SSI provides full wastewater aeration services. The team of trained installation technicians at SSI Aeration, Inc. serves job sites around the world. These professionals perform field service aeration installation according to industry standards to ensure the best performance possible.

Wastewater Aeration System Installers With Experience

Clients count on the SSI Aeration, Inc. installation team for:

  • Certifications: Every SSI installation technician has the required OSHA certificates in addition to any additional certifications needed in the region.
  • Liability coverage: All installers have the necessary liability insurance to ensure a worry-free installation process.
  • Equipment: SSI installers provide company equipment to perform to leading industry standards.
  • In-house training: The installers at SSI have experience working with SSI systems and understand the nuances of each product.

SSI installation technicians have the experience and training to provide a fast and straightforward installation experience.

Installation Services Available

The installation team at SSI Aeration, Inc. can assist with as many aspects of the process as necessary to ensure top system performance. Installation services available from SSI include:

  • Membrane retrofitting and replacement
  • Ceramic to membrane retrofitting
  • Brand new system installation
  • Part replacement

Interested clients may request a quote or contact the SSI team for more information about available installation options.

Diffuser Installation

Professional installers from SSI can work with aeration systems involving a variety of diffuser models. We can install, retrofit or replace diffusers with the following traits:

  • Membrane materials: SSI installation technicians can retrofit or install diffuser membranes created with EPDM, PTFE and many other materials engineered for wastewater aeration.
  • Shapes: The team at SSI specializes in handling tube and disc diffusers. We have experience installing both disc diffusers and tube diffusers.
  • Bubble size: SSI installers work with fine and coarse bubble diffusers in a wide range of applications. We can use diffusers and membranes that maintain the ideal bubble size for the installed system.
  • Sizes: Installers from SSI can set up aeration systems involving many diffuser sizes, including the popular 9-inch disc diffuser.

An SSI representative can provide further information on the diffusers available for installation.

The Installation Process

Customers require different installation processes depending on the scope of the services they request. After the client clears their basins, a comprehensive installation project may involve steps such as:

  • Setting up the components of the aeration system
  • Performing diffuser replacement or membrane retrofitting
  • Reviewing an existing installation using an extensive in-house checklist
  • Flagging potential installation issues before a client
  • Partnering with contractors to teach proper installation technique or correct errors
  • Installation and maintenance training for staff

Representatives from SSI Aeration, Inc. can assist in developing a custom installation plan that accounts for all of the client’s needs. Once the client and representative decide on installation services, the SSI installation experts will perform them.

Choose SSI Aeration Inc. — An Aeration Systems Installation Company

SSI Aeration, Inc. provides industry-leading services for clients looking for a company that installs aeration systems. For more information about SSI’s installation services, request a quote online.

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