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Aeration Bubble Pattern Image Analyzer

By: Tom Frankel
Post Date: November 30th 2016

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What Can I Learn From This?

What Can I Learn From This?


Quite a lot, actually….


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If you are having problems with your aeration basin, you want tips on how to deal with an abnormal foam color or coarse bubbling, now there is a simple way to handle it.

Take a picture of the bubble pattern, or perhaps a few pictures, and upload them into SSI’s free Image Classifier available on our technology portal.   Simply upload your aeration basin image(s), and you will generate two reports.  The first page (above left) returns the probability of a match with descriptive terms, such as “fine bubble” or “white foam”.   The next page generates a written report based on a set of rules, designed to interpret the results from the previous page.   There are helpful tips on how to fix problems within the written report.