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Quality is rigorously monitored at SSI Aeration. So closely that you could call it our obsession. That means that every item we manufacture is designed to be the best in its category.  When maintaining the integrity of wastewater treatment facilities around the world, having a system you can depend on is critically important. Whether it is our products, systems, or accessories, genuine SSI Aeration is the industry standard for quality control.

We realize a successful installation doesn’t stop at just diffusers. SSI offers a variety of different accessories for aeration systems ranging from diffuser mounts to systems designed to keep your aeration system running at peak efficiency.

SSI diffusers have multiple mounting methods ensuring a good fit for your job site. From our rapid installation PODs diffusers, robust quick connect saddle, to the standard and low cost grommet, SSI has a disc diffuser mount suited to your needs and budget. SSI tube diffusers are available with saddle or nipple type mounts and can allow installation onto existing piping systems.

Our pressure monitoring and moisture purge systems give operators the ability to monitor the health of their aeration system and make adjustments as needed. Acid dosing systems are available for in-situ cleaning and is perfect for sites where taking a basin off-line is not an option.

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