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Disc Diffusers

Our aeration disc diffusers for sale and more have a worldwide reputation of precise engineering, innovative design, and dependable performance. Let our global service network support you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our aeration disc diffuser replacements have industry-standard models compatible with a variety of brands.


Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser – SSI Aeration’s Fine Bubble Disc Diffusers for sale offer superior component quality and advanced engineering. As our most popular product, they fit a wide range of engineering specifications, system standards, applications, and industries. We pride ourselves on their sophisticated, versatile design that keeps treatment systems running around the world.diffuser in action

Course Bubble Disc Diffuser – The SSI coarse bubble diffuser system has the name ReliaBall™ for a reason. Its material quality, innovative design and skilled engineering make it an indispensable component of your treatment system.coarse bubble disc diffuser


AFC Cap Diffusers – Our top-quality AFC cap diffusers make a durable choice for equalization tanks and aerobic digesters.afc diffuser


Wide Band Diffusers – Available in 316L or 304L stainless steel, SSI’s series of wide band diffusers suit grit chambers, aerobic digesters and equalization tanks. They feature a reliable alpha value and economical design that cover your tank floor.ecd coarse bubble diffusers

ECD Diffusers – Looking for a cost-effective option for your project? Try our economy line of diffusers, the ECD series (patent pending). The single-piece molded body integrated with our standard EPDM membrane allows for optimal performance at an affordable price point. Advanced membrane materials are available to suit different applications and site needs.


PODs™ Diffusers – If you need a simple and fast diffuser solution with a low margin of error, consider PODs™ diffusers for your next project. These factory-assembled diffusers come pre-mounted on laterals for your convenience. Since trained professionals assemble PODs™ in a controlled setting, you can rest assured that you will have a lower risk of installation error. We recommend PODs™ in situations where you have a contractor with a lower level of experience with diffuser setup or need to quickly install a system on site.pod


Disc Diffuser Treatment Applications

Disc diffusers from SSI Aeration, Inc. are most commonly used in wastewater treatment systems. Our products are used in the aeration portion of the wastewater treatment process. Professionals who use aeration disc diffusers include:

We encourage you to contact one of our experts for more information on the uses of our diffuser product lines. Our consultants can also assist you in meeting your area’s regulations for water treatment.

Installation and Design Services Available From Our Engineers

At SSI Aeration, Inc., our team of experienced engineers can offer system design and product consultation services. Our comprehensive design services include calculations, hydraulic studies, and process simulations. We tailor these tests to your local environment and required site regulations to ensure your system works in its intended application. You can count on us to tap into our years of industry experience to give you insightful and relevant advice.

As part of our system design services, we also offer the SSI Technology Portal. The software and resources available from this page let you create an aeration system that fits your specifications. Create custom price estimates and drawings that we can use to serve you better.

Purchase a Disc Diffuser or Consult With One of Our Experts


Click the links under each of the categories on this page to discover more about each product line. To learn more about our selection of diffusers, contact one of our consultants today. We can help you with price estimates, product information and more.

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