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Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) Wastewater Treatment Systems

A moving bed bioreactor (MBBR) with a smart design can provide better cost-effectiveness than membrane bioreactor or activated sludge plants. MBBR process design services from SSI Aeration help wastewater treatment plants improve their efficiency. SSI’s MBBR systems save money in plant construction, operation, and maintenance.


SSI Aeration’s MBBR offers advantages only found in our MBBR process design services. MBBR engineers at SSI focus on minimizing the following:

  • Energy and operating cost: An MBBR system consumes less energy than other wastewater systems, reducing overall operating costs.
  • Reactor volume and HRT: MBBR systems also lower HRT. Thanks to these lower HRT rates, the MBBR can operate in a smaller reactor, saving space.
  • Control complexity: Many of the processes involved in MBBR systems rely on microorganisms. As a result, the operator has fewer controls to manage, experiencing a simpler operation.
  • Operator intervention: Since an MBBR system requires less complex controls, the operator does not need to intervene as much as they would with another system.

Additionally, SSI MBBRs increase factors such as:

  • Treatment efficiency: An MBBR offers better treatment efficiency than other types of wastewater treatment systems at lower space and budget requirements.
  • Hydraulic capacity: MBBR systems can handle more water at a given time than other systems, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Volumetric efficiency: With bacteria managing much of the treatment process, the parts in an MBBR system can stay in better condition. As a result, the system optimizes the amount of water flowing through the pumps.
  • Process life span: The biofilm media carriers that hold an MBBR system’s bacteria have a long life expectancy. In turn, the system’s process lifespan also increases.

SSI’s MBBR systems increase performance and cost-effectiveness through smart design principles.

mbbr wastewater plant

EEVolved MBBR for Biological Treatment

The EEVolved MBBR from SSI Aeration provides unparalleled results. This proprietary technology involves an innovative biofilm technology for biological treatment. SSI engineers designed the EEVolved MBBR with an advanced understanding of hydrodynamics, aeration integration, and biofilm. As a result, clients receive a treatment process focused on efficiency and safety. EEVolved MBBR systems have the most effective and secure treatment processes available.


Low Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT)

MBBRs have the lowest hydraulic retention time (HRT) among biological wastewater treatment processes. This low HRT rate results in smaller reactor sizes that offer better volumetric efficiency than processes such as MBBR. The SSI Aeration team combines expertise in aeration with knowledge about fixed film technology to develop these systems.

Choose SSI Aeration For Your MBBR Needsmbbr media

Clients’ MBBR system prices depend on their wastewater treatment requirements and facility. SSI Aeration provides an MBBR system quote tool that considers all aspects of the system’s development. This form requests information on the project’s budget, scope, treatment stages and specifications.  Clients can use this tool to get a quote for MBBR systems before committing.

Discover how MBBR systems can improve wastewater treatment effectiveness and affordability. For general questions about SSI’s products and services, contact a representative today. Clients searching for design advice may also message an expert online.

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