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SSI Aeration, Inc. has a versatile selection of replacement wastewater diffuser membranes that increase whole life efficiency. Our replacement membranes for disc diffusers fit most diffuser bodies from competitors. These membranes come in PTFE, fEPDM™ and anti-static EPDM materials with superior resistance to fouling and clogging. SSI offers replacement membranes for aeration diffusers in a variety of lengths and diameters to accommodate systems worldwide.

Increased Membrane Life Efficiency

Wastewater professionals around the world recognize SSI Aeration, Inc.’s membrane technology because of its results. Our membranes improve upon the typical membrane life of five to seven years by extending it to beyond 10 years. The research and development lab at SSI always strives to create the next advancements in diffuser membranes. Some of our latest achievements include creep-resistant polyurethane membranes and techniques that resist micro bubbles.

PTFE Membranes

PTFE coatings protect reliable EPDM base materials. SSI uses compression molding to manufacture EPDM membranes and employ individual thermocouples to create a consistent product. After creating the EPDM substrate, SSI coats it in PTFE for enhanced performance. PTFE protects EPDM from chemicals and reduces surface fouling. Municipal and commercial plants across the world rely on PTFE for its reduced maintenance requirements and cost benefits.

SSI Aeration, Inc. fEPDM™ Membranes

SSI developed fEPDM™ for applications involving solvents. The added solvent resistance also improves the membrane’s chemical resistance, putting fEPDM™ on a comparable level to high-end materials. This manufacturing process also treats and protects the inner slits, protecting the entire outer surface area. Independent testing demonstrates that fEPDM™ and PTFE have less creep and plasticizer loss than standard PTFE.

Anti-Static EPDM Membranes

By eliminating the polar attraction of the membrane’s bubbles to the surface, anti-static EPDM can produce very fine bubbles. It also has the potential to reduce fouling resistance over time.

Reduced Clogging and Fouling

The encapsulation methods SSI uses reduce clogging and fouling to increase each membrane’s lifespan. By sealing the materials, we can slow the rubber membrane’s aging process. These techniques can improve a membrane’s cost-effectiveness over time in municipal and industrial wastewater.

The Variety of Membrane Sizes and Materials Available

Choose from membranes designed for the following types of diffusers:

  • Disc diffusers: SSI designs membranes for 7-inch, 9-inch and 12- inch disc diffusers.
  • Tube diffusers: Available membranes also include models fitted for 62mm and 91mm tube diffusers.

We manufacture tube membranes from the following elastomeric materials:

  • EPDM: EPDM membranes have a standard cure and low plasticizer content. They can feature 1mm or 2mm perforations depending on aeration needs.
  • PTFE: SSI can coat EPDM membranes with PTFE to provide protection from chemicals and surface fouling. Adding this coating reduces plasticizer loss and creep.
  • Silicone: Silicone offers high temp resistance, and is an inorganic material, which may respond differently than an organic (EPDM) membrane in service.
  • Polyurethane: Urethane is a robust material, which can be useful for some industrial projects.

Buy EPDM Membrane Replacements Today

SSI Aeration, Inc. creates replacement membranes used in installations across the world. To learn more about the worldwide choice of  Replacement Membranes, fill out the form below and one of our experts will contact you. Clients can also buy membrane diffuser replacements by requesting a quote online.

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