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Retrofit Membranes for Aeration Diffusers

SSI Aeration, Inc. makes industry standard diffuser membrane retrofitting simple. Our patented products have compatibility with most wastewater systems across the globe for customer convenience. SSI makes retrofitting disc and tube diffusers possible with a range of membranes available in different materials. Customers can interchange them with diffuser bodies from other manufacturers.

In addition to direct membrane replacements, SSI also provides retrofit kits for ceramic diffusers. These kits include everything needed to switch a ceramic diffusers with membrane-based products that improve efficiency and energy savings. Clients who change to membrane-based diffusers from ceramic see an average reduction of 30% in their utility bills.

Compatible With Most Systems

Clients with existing wastewater aeration systems can retrofit SSI’s membranes with many equipment models. To provide the most options when designing and maintaining a system, SSI makes membranes compatible with competitor diffusers. SSI Aeration, Inc. values innovation and versatility and designed membranes to work with many existing systems.

Customer Support for Retrofits

SSI’s team of engineers and product specialists can help clients find the retrofitting solutions they need. The SSI engineering department can answer questions about compatibility, compliance and system efficiency. We provide a wide range of design, lab and field services in addition to products. Customers can ask for assistance with making a diffuser system more effective and compatible with local regulations.

Disc Diffuser Membranes

The SSI team offers membranes for retrofitting disc diffusers from a variety of manufacturers. SSI’s disc diffuser membranes go through a compression molding process that promotes uniformity throughout the product. An even membrane surface allows for consistent tear resistance. Disc diffusers from SSI come in sizes ranging from 7-inch to 20-inch diameters. Consider upgrading your system to PTFE.

Tube Diffuser Membranes

SSI’s membranes for retrofitting tube diffusers include, 3″ and 4″ diameter (US and metric) saddles, stainless steel nipple and double nipples. These nipples can fit a variety of square and round pipe installations in different lengths. SSI’s tube diffuser membranes come in the same reliable materials as our disc diffuser membranes.

Advanced Membrane Materials for Every Application

Membranes from SSI feature cutting-edge materials such as:

SSI Aeration, Inc. constantly has new membrane technology in development to better serve customers.

Retrofit an Aeration System With SSI Aeration, Inc.

Experience the difference advanced membrane technology makes by retrofitting a system with SSI Aeration, Inc. membranes. Clients can request a quote online or contact us to ask questions or begin the buying process.


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