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Osmart™ / SpecGen™


Osmart is a modern aeration control system with the following features:

  • Control nitrification/denitrification in a single tank using ammonia and oxygen with static and dynamic oxygen set points;
  • Control nitrification/denitrification in a single tank via oxygen with static oxygen set point;
  • Manage the denitrification phase via pulsed aeration instead of a mixer
  • Option to add many software packages to control mixed liquor pumps, sludge pumps, COD and chemicals dosaging;
  • Advanced process KPI available through Oscar Dashboard IoT platform.


The system is available to run on a PLC, or an industrial PC, supplied by SSI with our partners, ETC Engineering of Trento, Italy.

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This tool will develop a client specification to bid an aeration system. New in 2017 – Fast and Easy! SpecGen now includes all SSI diffuser performance data which can auto-populate tables for multiple tanks and zones with SOTE, Airflow, and Pressure values for each zone.  It takes inputs such as type of diffuser, piping grid and material, support and anchor choices, membrane material, sensor/telemetry options, desired competition, site days, QC , testing and warranty requirements, and will output a spec in .DOCX or Google Doc format.   The purpose of this is to make it easy for clients who would like to specify aeration to do so in the easiest way possible, without reaching into the filing cabinet for the last spec from the last job. Using this tool you can improve the quality of your specifications using the latest information and data, while also saving you time.

To Access SSI SpecGen Click Here

SpecGen usage instructions – Please watch this short video.