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Superior SSI PTFE performance combined with state of the art SSI MBBR technology for your paper & pulp wastewater treatment system

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Is the SSI Wastewater Treatment System Right for you?

SSI’s MBBR Wastewater Treatment Systems are designed with you in mind. Looking to save space? Don’t want to add clarifiers? Looking to save on operating costs?

SSI’s MBBR Wastewater Treatment Solutions is engineered to reduce, and in many applications remove, the day to day headaches of operating conventional and high-rate systems.

  • Suitable for municipal and industrial applications
  • Can achieve greater than 95% removal efficiency
  • Patented PTFE membrane technology
  • Long-term energy efficiency with minimum aeration maintenance over the project life cycle.
  • Reduces MLSS loading, meaning less energy, less operator attention and reduced footprint for new plants.
  • By reducing solids loading, hydraulic capacity can be increased by up to 5-times


Process – Understanding process operations is key. Understanding how to integrate the right process solution is critical. From Industrial pretreatment to Reuse quality effluent. SSI’s process experts have the MBBR process experience necessary to ensure your system will meet effluent objectives.

Integration No two applications are exactly alike. SSI knows each application is unique. Whether its aeration, MBBR or solids separation, SSI’s experts understand how all equipment integrates to form a treatment system as a whole.

Quality SSI has thousands of installations worldwide. With an SSI system, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. With engineering and sales presence worldwide, someone will be available to assist you with your application, no matter what your time zone.

Proven highly durable and efficient in thousands of municipal and industrial installations in India and around the world. Our advanced wastewater treatment systems have reliability built into every stage of performance.


Do you need the reliability of engineering excellence and perfomance in your system?

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