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If you need to install an aeration system without dewatering the basin or you have a single aeration basin, or aggressive wastewater that requires more frequent observation of diffusers, then a retrievable aeration system could be the answer.

SSI has significant experience manufacturing retrievable aeration systems for both wet and dry installation, utilizing a flexible hose or rigid stainless steel drop pipes. Systems can be made crane or winch liftable, and can be manufactured with either tube or disc diffusers, and can be made without guide rails, or with single or dual guide rails. Air may be fed either from the side of the basins or from floating pipes on the surface.

The wire to water efficiency of a retrievable fine bubble grid, when properly designed, is similar to that of a fixed grid system. Since this efficiency can be as much as two times the efficiency of mechanical aeration, retrievable systems are often considered for supplemental aeration in oxidation ditches and lagoons, where the existing mechanical aerators cannot supply enough oxygen.

Easy Maintenance

One of the main draws of a retrievable grid system design is its easy maintenance requirements. A diffuser with a retrievable grid simplifies the maintenance process and allows the user to clean or repair the device in a fraction of the time. With one of these aeration grids, engineers can easily lift the diffuser out, conduct the necessary cleaning rituals, and replace it right away. This cuts down on lost time and overall maintenance costs.


Your retrievable grid for wastewater treatment applications will depend on a variety of factors, including location, system size, and diffuser type. SSI offers a coarse bubble, disc, tube, and plate retrievable systems with high levels of flexibility and accessibility. Many of these grids feature stainless steel and plastic or rubber tube diffusers, but SSI Aeration, Inc. provides customizable options for specific applications.


Specifications of SSI retrievable grid systems can vary depending on the needs of the application. Many of SSI’s grid systems come with the following features and specifications:

  • Stainless Steel Design
  • Multiple Diffuser Options
  • Quick Diffuser Replacement
  • Reduced Buoyancy
  • Removable by Crane

Distribution Channels

SSI distributes to engineers and industrial operators so they can distribute to end-users. Our retrievable grid installation services allow organizations to reduce maintenance and repair costs to continue to provide high-quality wastewater treatment.

Removing chemicals, debris, and other soluble substances from wastewater is critical to producing resources that can be salvaged and reused. Once the water has been treated and cleaned, it can be redistributed to the appropriate utility customers.


SSI has installed a wide range of retrievable grid systems using tube diffusers, disc diffusers, and plate diffusers. To assemble a typical aeration system, SSI starts with a ballast, where we install threaded rods and lower support straps. The grid rests on top, and we use upper support straps to keep it in place.

After ensuring that the grid is stable, SSI installs a continuous purge system underneath and the diffusers on top. We then attach a drop pipe and hose pipe to the grid. Once all these parts are assembled, we place opposite guide rails within the tank or chamber and lower the retrievable grid into the pit, lining it up with the guide rails. Lastly, we attach the hose to an air header at the top of the chamber to create a fully functioning retrievable grid aeration system!


Retrievable grid systems have become more common within industrial settings in recent years. These play a major role in wastewater treatment applications because they present an easier and more effective way to manage diffusers.

Most wastewater systems have many diffusers, so operators may use retrievable grids to streamline repairs and replacements. The grids typically sit on the floor of an aeration tank, where a crane can lift them at any time. They can also examine diffusers during inspection times, allowing for easy and quick disposal of damaged devices.

Retrievable Grid System Design Services

SSI Aeration is a retrievable grid system manufacturer that offers retrievable grid installation services for wastewater treatment facilities of all shapes and sizes. Reduce costs with improved system durability and convenience — contact us today to learn more.

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