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In more than 50 states and 70 countries, operators, industry partners, civil engineers, and contractors, rely on SSI Aeration for our technical capabilities, including:

We provide laboratory services for analysis of pilot tested diffuser samples against control samples, forensic analysis of failures, clean and process water oxygen transfer efficiency testing, and headloss testing.

SSI Aeration is a mature company where the founding partners are involved in the day-to-day business of the company and are able to offer our clients with a tremendous depth of knowledge and experience. Through the use of modern simulation tools and the highest quality innovative products, we are able to provide the greatest probability that your installation will be successful now and for many years to come. How can SSI Aeration help you with your system?

Full-Service Wastewater Treatment Systems Company

SSI Aeration can provide full drafting services and will work with facility owners to design and install new systems and equipment or plan upgrades to existing systems. SSI’s drafting department can create both 2D and 3D diagrams for wastewater treatment projects. Detailed 2D plans provide engineering support and system specifications for a full overview of a new industrial or commercial wastewater treatment system.

The SSI team has the tools needed to develop 3D animations that show how these systems will look in motion. These 3D animations can show a future system’s full capabilities, making it easier to communicate the impacts that a new system will have across an entire facility.

SSI can also provide wastewater treatment systems with information from a range of advanced simulation software. This includes the use of full biological simulation with Biowin™ software to help facility managers select the optimal treatment programs and evaluate the potential expansion of existing systems. Biowin™ software includes features such as advanced activated sludge system modeling and system-wide pH modeling that can provide highly accurate models of how effectively systems that use biological material will function when active.

The team can also provide computational fluid dynamics (CFD) mixing simulation, which can more accurately model how chemical, physical and biological processes in wastewater treatment plants providing facility managers with information to design and optimize system operation — as well as finite element method (FEM) analysis of severe duty applications.

SSI field staff are also prepared to:

Available testing services include clean and process water oxygen transfer efficiency testing and headloss testing. SSI’s team can also provide facilities with seismic, buoyancy and heat transfer calculations, as well as systems benchmarking and laboratory services for analysis of pilot-tested diffuser samples against control samples.

Process Systems Expertise

SSI Aeration field workers have significant experience with a wide range of process systems for wastewater treatment, including both industrial and commercial wastewater treatment systems. Here are some of the types of wastewater treatment that the team has worked with:

No matter the type of wastewater treatment a facility uses or plans to use, SSI has the experience and expertise needed to work with that system. Field staff will also provide contractors and facility staff with the training they need for the successful installation of new systems or system upgrades to ensure optimized and worry-free system performance.

Tank Systems Knowledge and Experience

SSI field staff also have extensive experience working with a variety of different tank systems, including:

Trust SSI for Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems

Companies that want to design a new wastewater treatment system for a facility or upgrade an existing system can count on SSI’s knowledge and experience. SSI can provide a range of system services, including advanced modeling and design of new systems and testing services to ensure optimized performance from any type of wastewater treatment system. Contact us today for more information.

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