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Innovation is at the core of everything we do. Our multidisciplinary team of experts dedicates themselves to providing superior products.  These include fine bubble aeration systems, coarse bubble aeration systems, MBBR and IFAS systems.  We make practical improvements to reduce installation time. Our goal: SSI products should last longer and run more efficiently and with less maintenance than others.


Patents and Developments

For our contributions to inventions and industry improvements for the wastewater industry, SSI has received over a dozen patents.  These are from the US and International patent offices.  This makes us leaders in innovation in the fine bubble and coarse bubble aeration and wastewater process businesses.  

Some of our patents and innovations include:

  • Multi-layered PTFE coated EPDM diffuser membranes to reduce membrane weight loss, hardening, creep, and fouling.  SSI’s PTFE coated fine bubble membranes have become a “must have” for aggressive and industrial applications.  They are rapidly being adopted or  tested by large municipalities worldwide. We manufacture PTFE coated fine bubble and coarse bubble membranes for both disc diffusers and tube diffusers.
  • Reliable Factory mounted PODS (™) Disc Diffusers that can cut on-site labor installation costs.  The time savings can be 30% for Installing Contractors and SSI PODS can also dramatically cut down on leaks at the aeration system start-up.
  • Single-mold fine bubble diffusers provide clients with top quality equipment at an affordable price.  We save cost by manufacturing smarter and faster, rather than by cutting corners in materials.
  • Advanced computer software that automates the drafting, spec writing, pricing and calculation functions of fine bubble and coarse bubble diffused aeration system design.
  • SSI’s digital pressure monitoring system, offering operators a 24/7 inside view to identify problems in their membrane aeration systems before they happen.  Then, operators can schedule maintenance during low flow periods.


What makes SSI so successful at innovation?

Vertically integrated production allows us to innovate around the manufacturing process. We can make things that are difficult to outsource, such as single-mold diffusers and PTFE coated membranes.   

We also have the typical R & D tools, including 3D drafting software, 3D printers, and a lab to mock up and test new parts.  

SSI is a flat organization with very low turnover  – means we take valuable inputs from sales, application engineering, and production. This happens in an environment of mutual respect where everyone is working towards the same goal, so the best ideas percolate.

How do SSI clients benefit from innovation?

We are bringing diffused aeration into the 21st century for its clients.  Our R & D means iterative improvements for clients. We aim to offer high-quality diffusers at a lower price, with the longest membrane life, significantly faster aeration system installation time and near-zero leaks on startup.   

While improving the reliability and cost of SSI diffused aeration, we have also sought to improve the design and ownership process in other ways. Plant operators are using our bubble pattern image classifier to get a second opinion about their bubble pattern. This gives them an early warning about potential problems such as foaming, coarse bubbling, and filaments.  Analog pressure monitoring systems are dinosaurs that few people use, even though they are often specified for new aeration systems by consultants. We are introducing a digital diffuser pressure monitoring system, which makes checking airflow and pressure drop across a diffuser as simple as walking up to the station and pressing a button. Finally, we have added transparency to the experience.       We open-sourced our diffuser SOTE curves and test results because we have our best discussions with informed customers and engineers.

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