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SSI’s engineering team has substantial experience in process including empirical and lab data on alpha factors, oxygen transfer efficiency, and fouling factors. This data helps our staff understand the nuances of working with a variety of applications including:

  • Extended aeration
  • BNR
  • SBR
  • MBR
  • MBBR
  • Conventional activated sludge, in plug flow or complete mix tanks
  • With or without channel velocity from flow boosters

Our staff uses in-house calculators as well as Biowin™ to simulate system performance to check each system before presenting a proposal to the client.

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Tube Diffusers

FINE BUBBLE TUBE DIFFUSER – SSI Aeration’s Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser and advanced membrane materials offer outstanding resistance to chemicals and fouling, in addition to the highest oxygen transfer […]

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wastewater aeration system

Retrofit Membranes for Aeration Diffusers

SSI Aeration, Inc. makes industry standard diffuser membrane retrofitting simple. Our patented products have compatibility with most wastewater systems across the globe for customer convenience. SSI makes retrofitting disc […]

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wastewater aeration system

Aeration Bubble Pattern Image Analyzer

  Quite a lot, actually….            If you are having problems with your aeration basin, you want tips on how to deal with an abnormal […]

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wastewater aeration system

How Do Wastewater Treatment Plants Work?

Wastewater treatment is vital for healthy communities and ecosystems. It provides clean, healthful water for industrial and municipal use, cuts down on disease transmission, and helps ensure a green, […]

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How Do Wastewater Treatment Plants Work