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Coarse bubble diffusers eliminate clogging in wastewater systems while maximizing airflow and mixing capabilities. Operators often use these as alternative methods to fine bubble diffusers, which are efficient but more susceptible to plugging risks. With ReliaBall™ coarse bubble diffusers for sale from SSI Aeration, users will be more equipped to handle challenging industrial applications that require durable treatment solutions.

SSI’s coarse bubble diffuser systems offer high technology and reliable oxygen transfer moderation. Here are a few benefits that make these systems ideal for heavy-duty industrial settings:

  • High Alpha Factor: Coarse bubble diffusers are less susceptible to bacteria build-up, which allows them to deliver a higher alpha factor than other types of diffusers. The presence of surfactants and chemicals in the water, along with the efficiency of the device, can have a major impact on the alpha factor during wastewater treatment.
  • Efficiency: Large diffuser systems have a durable design along with sizeable hole openings to prevent plugging. These coarse bubble diffuser specifications decrease downtime and make wastewater treatment operations more efficient. SSI systems provide fast, effective air distribution and energy-efficiency.
  • Head Loss:  When it comes to supporting a system that manages airflow and oxygen transfer, minimizing head loss is essential. Coarse bubble diffusers offer a smooth, even performance while maintaining the optimal level of pressure.
  • Oxygen Transfer: Transferring oxygen to the water column with our coarse bubble diffuser systems is a simple process. While these diffusers require more air than their fine bubble counterparts, SSI reinforced pipes and smart technology make room for efficient oxygen transfer operations.
  • Strong Mixing: If there’s one area where coarse bubble diffusers excel the most, it’s mixing. This is because the larger bubbles produced can move more fluid. Their incredible strength and power make them best suited for mixing substances and decomposing waste.
  • Low Maintenance: Because of the coarse diffuser’s resistance to clogging, it requires less frequent cleaning than other devices. SSI systems offer additional convenience due to their automated monitoring technology, which allows users to identify issues immediately.
  • Durability: Course bubble diffusers are exceptionally durable because they’re unlikely to grow bacteria and other contaminants. Operators who choose these diffusers can rely on better functional longevity and fewer repairs and replacements.


Coarse bubble diffusers are most commonly used in secondary treatment applications, where substances such as sediment and carbonate can build up quickly. The growth of these materials can be detrimental to fine bubble diffusers, which have smaller openings that plug more easily.

Engineers and operators often choose coarse bubble diffuser solutions for applications that require more space and larger openings. These uses may include aerobic digesters, grit chambers, sludge holding tanks and equalization basins.


The SSI Coarse Bubble Diffuser System is called ReliaBall™ for a reason. It combines engineering excellence, superior component quality, and a technically advanced product design. Proven highly durable and efficient in thousands of municipal and industrial installations around the world, SSI Aeration’s ReliaBall™ is a name to trust.


  • Intelligently designed to prevent clogging by automatically closing and sealing when the air is turned off
  • ReliaBall™ will not be clogged by rags in the tank
  • The SSI ReliaBall™ headloss is approximately 10″ WG / 25 mbar when operated at 4 SCFM / 7 Sm3-hr (Operating Range: 0 to 10 scfm / 0-17 Sm3-hr)
  • Piping system integrity – thicker wall pipe and double anchors for fewer breakages
  • Grommet connection is easy to ship, move, and install on site – it’s affordable, tried and tested over 15 years
  • Comprehensive design service and after sales support – our full drafting department works with you through design and calculation to simulation and installation

Buy Coarse Bubble Diffusers

With the help of the right coarse bubble diffuser manufacturer, it’s possible to find a durable solution that will fit almost any wastewater treatment application. SSI’s technologically advanced system has the features and simple maintenance requirements needed for a cost-effective, long-lasting product.

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